Dear Member of the SIGMM Community, Welcome to the first issue of the SIGMM Records in 2012. We provide you with a report from the ACM Multimedia 2011, including links to the digital library for all papers, of course. As part of the conference, the Grand Challenge was arranged. The … Read more

ACM Multimedia 2011

Introduction to ACM Multimedia 2011 We are delighted to report on behalf of the entire organizing committee that the 19th ACM International Conference on Multimedia ACM Multimedia 2011 (MM’11) was held between November 28th and December 1st, 2011, in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA, to great success. ACM Multimedia (MM) is the … Read more

The ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge 2011 in a Nutshell

The 2011 ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge proved to be the most competitive so far. This article provides a quick summary of the competition. More comprehensive coverage can be found in an IEEE Multimedia Magazine report. When the ACM Multimedia Grand Challenge was started in 2009 it was a radical idea: … Read more

Open Source Column: Tribler: P2P Search, Share and Stream

Six years ago, we created a new open source P2P file sharing program called Tribler. During this time over one million users have used it, and three generations of Ph.D. students tested their algorithms in the real world. Tribler is built around BitTorrent. Introduced in 2001, BitTorrent revolutionized the P2P … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Anita Sobe

In this thesis the non-sequential delivery of media in dynamic networks is investigated. Consider a scenario where people participate at a social event. With the increased popularity of smart phones and tablet computers people produce more and more multimedia content. They share their content and consume it on popular web … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Dominik Kaspar

The explosive deployment of wired and wireless communication infrastructure has recently enabled many novel applications and sparked new research problems. One of the unsolved issues in today’s Internet – the main topic of this thesis – is the goal of increasing data transfer speeds of end hosts by aggregating and … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Mohammad Kazemi Varnamkhasti

Multiple distortion coding (MDC) is a promising solution for video transmission over lossy channels. In MDC, multiple descriptions of a source are generated which are dependently decodable and mutually refinable. When all descriptions are available, the corresponding quality is called central quality; otherwise it is called side quality. Generally, there … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Mona Omidyeganeh

Video modeling and analysis have been of great interest in the video research community, due to their essential contribution to systematic improvements concerned in a wide range of video processing techniques. Parametric modeling and analysis of video provides appropriate means for processing the signal and the necessary mining of information … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Sree Hari Krishnan Parthasarathi

The work described in this thesis takes place in the context of capturing real-life audio for the analysis of spontaneous social interactions. Towards this goal, we wish to capture conversational and ambient sounds using portable audio recorders. Analysis of conversations can then proceed by modeling the speaker turns and durations … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Xirong Li

In a world with increasing amounts of digital pictures, content-based visual search is an important and scientifically challenging problem in ICT research. This thesis tackles the problem by learning from social media. The fundamental question addressed in this thesis is: what is the value of socially tagged images for visual … Read more

Award Opportunity

ACM TOMCCAP Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper Award

The Editor in Chief of ACM TOMCCAP invites you to nominate candidates for the ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications Nicolas D. Georganas Best Paper.

Award Opportunity

SIGMM Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

Award Description This award will be presented at most once per year to a researcher whose PhD thesis has the potential of very high impact in multimedia computing, communication and applications, or gives direct evidence of such impact. A selection committee will evaluate contributions towards advances in multimedia including multimedia … Read more

Award Opportunity

SIGMM Award for Outstanding Technical Contributions to Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

AWARD DESCRIPTION This award is presented every year to a researcher who has made significant and lasting contributions to multimedia computing, communication and applications. Outstanding technical contributions through research and practice are recognized. Towards this goal, contributions are considered from academia and industry that focus on major advances in multimedia … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

ENST-Drums (Videos + Audios)

The ENST-Drums database (only audio was previously distributed) is a varied research database for automatic drum transcription and processing: Three professional drummers specialized in different music genres were recorded. Total duration of audio material recorded per drummer is around 75 minutes. Each drummer played his own drum kit. Each sequence … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

QUASI database for the evaluation of music source separation

This database is composed of 11 multitrack songs, each mixed in several ways by a professional sound engineer. Both the mixes and the original sources are provided under Creative Commons licences. These data have been used for the “Professionally produced music recordings” task of the SiSEC 2010 and 2011 evaluations.