IEEE MultiMedia Volume 21, Issue 2

Editor-In-Chief: Yong Rui


Published: April–June 2014


Feature Articles

  • Fabien Danieau, Julien Fleureau, Philippe Guillotel, Nicolas Mollet, Marc Christie, and Anatole Lecuyer: Toward Haptic Cinematography: Enhancing Movie Experiences with Camera-Based Haptic Effects
  • Mei-Chen Yeh and Wen-Po Wu: Clustering Faces in Movies Using an Automatically Constructed Social Network
  • Tao Guan, Yunfeng He, Liya Duan, Jianzhong Yang, Juan Gao, and Junqing Yu: Efficient BOF Generation and Compression for On-Device Mobile Visual Location Recognition
  • Kewei Tu, Meng Meng, Mun Wai Lee, Tae Eun Choe, and Song-Chun Zhu: Joint Video and Text Parsing for Understanding Events and Answering Queries

Department Articles

  • Yong Rui: EIC’s Message: IEEE MultiMedia Forges Ahead
  • Thomas Huang, Vuong Le, Thomas Paine, Pooya Khorrami, and Usman Tariq: Vision & Views: Visual Media: History and Perspectives
  • Si Liu, Luoqi Liu, and Shuicheng Yan: Media Impact: Fashion Analysis: Current Techniques and Future Directions
  • John Wus, Jun Tian, Hongbing Li, Dong-Qing Zhang, Wei Jiang, Zhenyu Wu, and Heather Yu: Multimedia at Work: Toward Experiential Mobile Media Processing
  • Ying Chen and Anthony Vetro: Industry & Standards: Next-Generation 3D Formats with Depth Map Support
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