Welcome to the ACM SIG Multimedia Records!

The Mission

The SIGMM Records are the SIG Multimedia’s quarterly newsletter. They are distributed at the end of every quarter. The Records provide a platform for disseminating many kinds of multimedia-related information, and an announcement channel for official ACM SIGMM news. The SIGMM Records do not publish original research works, this is left to peer-reviewed conference proceedings and journals. The Records provide an opportunity to publish information about successful research and background stories, as well as errata.


Members of SIGMM can submit freely any of this content. Non-members will need a sponsor of their contribution who is a member of SIGMM. Summaries of recently defended PhD theses are of particular interest. Although such theses represent the culmination of years of a PhD student’s work, and are probably the most thoroughly written and best reviewed single publication of a researcher up to that point, they remain frequently invisible to the community and are quickly forgotten. SIGMM wants to change that. Along with the yearly SIGMM Award for Outstanding PhD Thesis in Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications that is presented to a single student, the Records can be used to inform the community about these theses.

Also highly welcome are your statements and summaries of the state of particular research topics in multimedia, your views on the interaction between research and industry, and views of the future. We value critical and outrageous opinions that can raise discussions in the community, and hope that your contribution can encourage discussions. The Records are also an appropriate place for announcing code and data sets that you make freely available to the community, and to present some background for it.

Reports from all events that are sponsored or co-sponsored by ACM SIGMM should be made available through the Records, but we encourage also events that are held in cooperation with SIGMM to send reports. Since the Records are archived for posterity, we encourage contributors to send reports that are concerned with the arrangements and scientific content of the event, rather than financial information or the vacation potential of the location. For events whose proceedings are available from a digital library, we include links to the archive for the published papers. We are also very happy to publish announcements of grant and award opportunities, including deadlines for funding programs, and we invite SIGMM members to announce grants and awards that they themselves or another member have received. We announce calls for paper in the general field of multimedia, and encourage submissions of such calls to the Records. Finally, you can also use the Records to announce open positions for multimedia researchers.


The Records are available as an ACM newsletter series with the ISSN 1947-4598. You can find it through the SIGMM website at http://sigmm.org, go directly to the Records at http://records.sigmm.org and through the ACM Digital Library.

To receive by email a weekly digest of CFPs and jobs announcements that are submitted through the SIGMM Records web page, you can subscribe to the mailing list mm-interest@acm.org. Very few other postings to this mailing list are allowed (SIG chairs can use the list, and SIGMM sponsored events may post CFPs), but everybody may subscribe as a reader.

If you are a SIGMM member and your profile at ACM includes an up-to-date email address, you should also receive this information through the (automatically generated) mailing list sigmm-members@acm.org. As a channel for offical SIG announcement by the SIGMM leadership, the Records complement the web pages at sigmm.org. While the Records appear only quarterly, they are available from the ACM Digital Library and provide a history of important SIG events.

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