Dear Member of the SIGMM Community, Welcome to the last SIGMM Records of 2010! When you look for the Records on the web pages of SIGMM, located conveniently at http://sigmm.org/records, you will notice that accessing the Records these days brings you to the server that formerly hosted sigmm.org at UT … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Chunxi Liu

Nowdays, there are many ways for users to access video resource, and the number of videos grows rapidly. On the other hand, the user’s needs become more diversified and personalized. However, people’s capacities of using and managing video data have not increased with the growth of the video. The confliction … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Frank Hopfgartner

A challenging problem in the user profiling domain is to create profiles of users of retrieval systems. This problem even exacerbates in the multimedia domain. Due to the Semantic Gap, the difference between low-level data representation of videos and the higher concepts users associate with videos, it is not trivial … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Ingo Kofler

This thesis investigates mechanisms and applications for in-network adaptation of scalable video bit streams based on the recent H.264/Scalable Video Coding (SVC) standard. In-network adaptation refers to the adaptation of a video stream by a network element during the stream’s transport through the network. The advantages of performing adaptation directly … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Jia Li

With the rapid development of Internet, the amounts of images and videos are now growing explosively, leading to many new challenges on image/video processing. On one hand, the processing capability of computer is limited and the computational resource should be allocated to the important visual information with high priorities. On … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Kalman Graffi

The peer-to-peer paradigm has had large success in content distribution and multimedia communication applications on the Internet. In a peer-to-peer network, the participating nodes create an infrastructure to provide a desired functionality and offer their resources to host an application in a distributed manner. Besides the functional requirements of an … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Razib Iqbal

Today access to video is available via numerous multimedia enabled devices through a wide variety of network types. What is required is a mechanism to ensure that users can receive different qualities of video proportional to their device capabilities and network conditions. In this thesis, we propose an online adaptive … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

Measurement and Analysis of Large DIstributed Virtual EnvironmentS

Previous research in NVE mainly based their design on assumptions on how avatars behave, and use randomly generated movements to evaluate their design. We believe that there is a gap between these assumptions/randomly generated movements and how real avatar behave. To bridge the gap, we collected mobility traces of 84,208 … Read more