Dear Member of the SIGMM Community, welcome to the last issue of the SIGMM Records in 2013. The editors of the Records have taken to a classical reporting approach, and you can read here the first of series of interviews. In this issue, Cynthia Liem is interview by Mathias Lux, and … Read more

A report from the First International Competition on Game-Based Learning Applications

The European Conference on Game Based Learning is an academic conference that has been held annually in various European Universities since 2006. For the first time this year the Programme Committee, together with Segan (Serious Games Network, https://www.facebook.com/groups/segan) decided to launch a competition at the conference for the best educational … Read more

An Interview with Cynthia Liem: The PHENICX Project

The PHENICX project is supported by the European Commission, FP7 (Seventh Framework Programme, STREP project, ICT-2011.8.2 ICT for access to cultural resources, grant agreement No 601166). The project is running for a year now and Cynthia Liem is involved since the initial planning and proposal writing. Currently, she is a … Read more

MPEG Column: 106th MPEG Meeting

— original posts here and here by Multimedia Communication blog and bitmovin techblog, Christian Timmerer, AAU/bitmovin November, 2013, Geneva, Switzerland. Here comes a news report from the 106th MPEG in Geneva, Switzerland which was actually during the Austrian national day but Austrian Airlines had a nice present (see picture) for their guests. The official press release … Read more

VIREO-VH: Libraries and Tools for Threading and Visualizing a Large Video Collection

Introduction “Video Hyperlinking” refers to the creation of links connecting videos that share near-duplicate segments. Like hyperlinks in HTML documents, the video links help user navigating videos of similar content, and facilitate the mining of iconic clips (or visual memes) spread among videos. Figure 1 shows some example of iconic … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Afsaneh Asaei

This thesis takes place in the context of multi-microphone distant speech recognition in multiparty meetings. It addresses the fundamental problem of overlapping speech recognition in reverberant rooms. Motivated from the excellent human hearing performance on such problem, possibly resulting of sparsity of the auditory representation, our work aims at exploiting … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Mehdi Semsarzadeh

With recent advances in computing and communication technologies, ubiquitous access to high quality multimedia content is a fact of our daily life. However, resource consumption is still a major concern, specially battery consumptions for mobile devices. Today, any user is able to produce and consume multimedia contents using a smartphone … Read more