Multidisciplinary Column: An Interview with Alex Thayer

The first issue in 2021 features an interview with Alex Thayer, PhD and portrays his view upon interdisciplinarity in both academia and research with implications for our multimedia community. Read more

ITU-T Standardization Activities Targeting Gaming Quality of Experience

Motivation for Research in the Gaming Domain The gaming industry has eminently managed to intrinsically motivate users to interact with their services. According to the latest report of Newzoo, there will be an estimated total of 2.7 billion players across the globe by the end of 2020. The global games … Read more

JPEG Column: 90th JPEG Meeting

JPEG AI becomes a new work item of ISO/IEC The 90th JPEG meeting was held online from 18 to 22 January 2021. This meeting was distinguished by very relevant activities, notably the new JPEG AI standardization project planning, and the analysis of the Call for Evidence on JPEG Pleno Point … Read more

MPEG Column: 133rd MPEG Meeting (virtual/online)

The original blog post can be found at the Bitmovin Techblog and has been modified/updated here to focus on and highlight research aspects. The 133rd MPEG meeting was once again held as an online meeting, and this time, kicked off with great news, that MPEG is one of the organizations … Read more

VQEG Column: New topics

Introduction Welcome to the fourth column on the ACM SIGMM Records from the Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG).During the last VQEG plenary meeting (14-18 Dec. 2020) various interesting discussions arose regarding new topics not addressed up to then by VQEG groups, which led to launching three new sub-projects and a … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

Multimedia Retrieval and Analysis with Cottontail DB

Introduction Analysis and retrieval of media collections get more and more challenging the larger the collections become. Keeping everything in the main memory becomes less feasible, and more and more time and effort have to be spent to deal with the data management. However, traditional relational databases do not support … Read more