Towards Immersive Digiphysical Experiences

Immersive experiences have the potential of redefining traditional forms of media engagement by intricately combining reality with imagination. Motivated by necessities, current developments and emerging technologies, this column sets out to bridge immersive experiences in both digital and physical realities. Fitting under the umbrella term of eXtended Reality (XR), the … Read more

Message from the ACM SIGMM Chair

About our initiatives for the Multimedia community Dear SIGMM members, colleagues, students, The world is changing rapidly, and technology is driving these changes at an unprecedented pace. In this scenario, multimedia has become ubiquitous, providing new services to users, advanced modalities for information transmission, processing, and management, as well as … Read more

MPEG Column: 145th MPEG Meeting (Virtual/Online)

The 145th MPEG meeting was held online from 22-26 January 2024, and the official press release can be found here. It comprises the following highlights: Latest Edition of the High Efficiency Image Format Standard Unveils Cutting-Edge Features for Enhanced Image Decoding and Annotation MPEG Systems finalizes Standards supporting Interoperability Testing … Read more

JPEG Column: 101st JPEG Meeting

JPEG Trust reaches Committee Draft stage at the 101st JPEG meeting The 101st JPEG meeting was held online, from the 30th of October to the 3rd of November 2023. At this meeting, JPEG Trust became a Committee Draft. In addition, JPEG analyzed the responses to its Calls for Proposals for … Read more