@sigmm Records: serving the community

The SIGMM Records are renewing, with the continued ambition of being a useful resource for the multimedia community. We want to provide a forum for (open) discussion, but also to become the primary source of information for our community. Firstly, I would like to thank Carsten who was run, single-handed, the … Read more

Standards Column: JPEG and MPEG

Introduction ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 29 area of work comprises the standardization of coded representation of audio, picture, multimedia and hypermedia information and sets of compression and control functions for use with such information. SC29 basically hosts two working groups responsible for the development of international standards for the compression, decompression, processing, … Read more

Datasets and Benchmarks Column: Introduction

Datasets are critical for research and development as, rather obviously, data is required for performing experiments, validating hypotheses, analyzing designs, and building applications. Over the years a plurality of multimedia collections have been put together, which can range from the one-off instances that have been exclusively created for supporting the … Read more

Hello Multidisciplinary Column!

There is ‘multi’ in multimedia. Every day, an increasing amount of extremely diverse multimedia content has meaning and purpose to an increasing amount of extremely diverse human users, under extremely diverse use cases. As multimedia professionals, we work in an extremely diverse set of focus areas to enable this, ranging … Read more

Open Source Column – Introduction

“Open source software is software that can be freely accessed, used, changed, and shared (in modified or unmodified form) by anyone” (cp. https://opensource.org/osd). So open source software (OSS) is actually something that one or more people can work on, improve it, refine it, change it, adapt it and share or … Read more

Introduction to the Opinion Column

Welcome to the SIGMM Community Discussion Column! In this very first edition we would like to introduce the column to the community, its objectives and main operative characteristics. Given the exponential amount of multimedia data shared online and offline everyday, research in Multimedia is of unprecedented importance. We might be … Read more

Interview Column – Introduction

The interviews in the SIGMM records aim to provide the community with the insights, visions, and views from outstanding researchers in multimedia. With the interviews we particularly try to find out what makes these researchers outstanding and also to a certain extend what is going on in their mind, what … Read more

@sigmm on #SocialMedia

The new SIGMM Records team aims to extend the reach of relevant SIGMM-related news and events. It will also provide forums to stimulate discussion, interaction and collaboration between members of our community The use of Social Media will be key to achieving the targeted mission. Initially, Twitter and Facebook will be … Read more

An interview with David Ayman Shamma

  Describe your journey into computing from your youth up to the present. What foundational lessons did you learn from this journey? Why were you initially attracted to multimedia? I’ve always been curious about solving problems.  Not so much the answer but actually I like to know how a problem … Read more

MPEG Column: 118th MPEG Meeting

The original blog post can be found at the Bitmovin Techblog and has been updated here to focus on and highlight research aspects. The entire MPEG press release can be found here comprising the following topics: Coded Representation of Immersive Media (MPEG-I): new work item approved and call for test data issued Common … Read more

JPEG Column: 75th JPEG Meeting in Sydney, Australia

The 75th JPEG meeting was held at National Standards Australia in Sydney, Australia, from 26 to 31 March. Multiples activities have been ensued, pursuing the development of new standards that meet the current requirements and challenges on imaging technology. JPEG is continuously trying to provide new reliable solutions for different image applications. … Read more

Report from MMM 2017

MMM 2017 — 23rd International Conference on MultiMedia Modeling MMM is a leading international conference for researchers and industry practitioners for sharing new ideas, original research results and practical development experiences from all MMM related areas. The 23rd edition of MMM took place on January 4-6 of 2017, on the … Read more

Posting about SIGMM on Social Media

In Social Media, a common and effective mechanism to associate the publications about a specific thread, topic or event is to use hashtags. Therefore, the Social Media Editors believe in the convenience of recommending standards or basic rules for the creation and usage of the hashtags to be included in … Read more

Awarding the Best Social Media Reporters

The SIGMM Records team has adopted a new strategy to encourage the publication of information, and thus increase the chances to reach the community, increase knowledge and foster interaction. It consists of awarding the best Social Media reporters for each SIGMM conference, being the award a free registration to one … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Sucheta Ghosh

Parsing discourse is a challenging natural language processing task. In this research work first we take a data driven approach to identify arguments of explicit discourse connectives. In contrast to previous work we do not make any assumptions on the span of arguments and consider parsing as a token-level sequence … Read more