Goodbye Multidisciplinary Column!

In June 2017, we were invited to serve as editors of the newly established column on multidisciplinary aspects of Multimedia. Our major goal back then was to portray a look beyond ‘the big pond’ — multimedia research that is. We set out to establish a multidisciplinary dialogue within the multimedia … Read more

Students Report from ACM MMsys 2023

The 14th ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (with the associated workshops: NOSSDAV 2023, MMVE 2023, and the first edition of GMSys 2023) took place from 7th – 10th June 2023 in Vancouver, Canada.  The MMSys conference brings together researchers in multimedia systems to showcase and exchange their cutting-edge research findings. Once … Read more

Explainable Artificial Intelligence for Quality of Experience Modelling

Data-driven Quality of Experience (QoE) modelling using Machine Learning (ML) arose as a promising alternative to the cumbersome and potentially biased manual QoE modelling. However, the reasoning of a majority of ML models is not explainable due to their black-box characteristics, which prevents us from gaining insights about how the … Read more

Video Interviews at ACM Multimedia 2022

This column showcases a series of video interviews shooted at ACM Multimedia 2022. Social media editors in chief (i.e., Silvia Rossi and Conor Keighrey) of the records interviewed the authors behind some of the most intriguing and compelling demos and artistic interactive artworks. Silvia and Conor have started this initiative and … Read more

JPEG Column: 99th JPEG Meeting

JPEG Trust on a mission to re-establish trust in digital media The 99th JPEG meeting was held online, from 24th to 28th April 2023. Providing tools suitable for establishing provenance, authenticity and ownership of multimedia content is one of the most difficult challenges faced nowadays, considering the technological models that … Read more

MPEG Column: 143rd MPEG Meeting in Geneva, Switzerland

The 143rd MPEG meeting took place in person in Geneva, Switzerland. The official press release can be accessed here and includes the following details: MPEG finalizes the Carriage of Uncompressed Video and Images in ISOBMFF MPEG reaches the First Milestone for two ISOBMFF Enhancements MPEG ratifies Third Editions of VVC … Read more

VQEG Column: VQEG Meeting June 2023

Introduction This column provides a report on the last Video Quality Experts Group (VQEG) plenary meeting, which took place from 26 to 30 June 2023 in San Mateo (USA), hosted by Sony Interactive Entertainment. More than 90 participants worldwide registered for the hybrid meeting, counting with the physical attendance of … Read more