Dear Member of the SIGMM Community, Welcome to the latest issue of the ACM SIG Multimedia Records! This issue, we want to present several new activities of the SIG Multimedia that require your contributions. First go the SIGMM history archives. These archives are meant to prevent SIGMM’s conferences from being … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Cheng Wei

High-resolution 3D meshes are increasingly available in networked applications, such as digital museum, online game, and virtual reality. The amount of data constituting a high-resolution 3D mesh can be huge, leading to long downloading time. To reduce the waiting time of users, a common technique for remote viewing is progressive … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Matteo Varvello

A Networked Virtual Environment (NVE) is a synthetic world where human-controlled avatars can interact. Multiplayer on-line games such as Quake and World of Warcraft are the most popular applications for NVEs. In early 2003, Second Life (SL), a NVE where avatars can invent a new social life, was launched. The … Read more

PhD Thesis Summary

Sonja Bergsträsser

The importance of virtual worlds is steadily growing both in general as well as from an economical perspective and they register increasing member counts. The virtual worlds observed in research most often nowadays are the very popular gaming worlds of Multiplayer Online Games (MOGs). They are among the most popular … Read more

Free or Open Source Item


Openframeworks is a C++ library designed to assist the creative process by providing a simple and intuitive framework for experimentation. The library is designed to work as a general purpose glue, and wraps together several commonly used libraries under a tidy interface: openGL for graphics, rtAudio for audio input and … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

vvvv: a multipurpose toolkit

vvvv is a toolkit for real time video synthesis. It is designed to facilitate the handling of large media environments with physical interfaces, real-time motion graphics, audio and video that can interact with many users simultaneously. vvvv uses a visual programming interface. Therefore it provides a graphical programming language for … Read more