Impact of the New @sigmm Records

The SIGMM Records have renewed, with the ambition of continue being a useful resource for the multimedia community. The intention is to provide a forum for (open) discussion and to become a primary source of information (and of inspiration!). The new team ( has committed to lead the Records in … Read more

An interview with Prof. Ramesh Jain

Please describe your journey into computing from your youth up to the present. What foundational lessons did you learn from this journey? Why you were initially attracted to multimedia? I am luckier than most people in that I have been able to experience really diverse situations in my life. Computing … Read more

Report from ICMR 2017

ACM International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) 2017 ACM ICMR 2017 in “Little Paris” ACM ICMR is the premier International Conference on Multimedia Retrieval, and from 2011 it “illuminates the state of the arts in multimedia retrieval”. This year, ICMR was in an wonderful location: Bucharest, Romania also known as … Read more

MPEG Column: 119th MPEG Meeting in Turin, Italy

The original blog post can be found at the Bitmovin Techblog and has been updated here to focus on and highlight research aspects. The MPEG press release comprises the following topics: Evidence of New Developments in Video Compression Coding Call for Evidence on Transcoding for Network Distributed Video Coding 2nd Edition of Storage of … Read more

Multidisciplinary Column: An Interview with Suranga Nanayakkara

    Could you tell us a bit about your background, and what the road to your current position was? I was born and raised in Sri Lanka and my mother being an electrical engineer by profession, it always fascinated me to watch her tinkering around with the TV or … Read more

JPEG Column: 76th JPEG Meeting in Turin, Italy

The 76th JPEG meeting was held at Politecnico di Torino, Turin, Italy, from 15 to 21 of July. The current standardisation activities have been complemented by the 25th anniversary of the first JPEG standard. Simultaneously, JPEG pursues the development of different standardised solutions to meet the current challenges on imaging technology, namely on emerging new applications … Read more

Report from ACM MMSys 2017

–A report from Christian Timmerer, AAU/Bitmovin Austria The ACM Multimedia Systems Conference (MMSys) provides a forum for researchers to present and share their latest research findings in multimedia systems. It is a unique event targeting “multimedia systems” from various angles and views across all domains instead of focusing on a … Read more

Opinion Column: Tracks, Reviews and Preliminary Works

In a nutshell, the community agreed that: we need more transparent communication and homogeneous rules across thematic areas; we need more useful rebuttals; there is no need for conflict of interest tracks; large conferences must protect preliminary and emergent research works. Solutions were suggested to improve these points. Welcome to … Read more

Practical Guide to Using the YFCC100M and MMCOMMONS on a Budget

  The Yahoo-Flickr Creative Commons 100 Million (YFCC100M), the largest freely usable multimedia dataset to have been released so far, is widely used by students, researchers and engineers on topics in multimedia that range from computer vision to machine learning. However, its sheer volume, one of the traits that make … Read more

Free or Open Source Item

UDLF: Unsupervised Distance Learning Framework for Multimedia Retrieval

The Unsupervised Distance Learning Framework (UDLF) [1] is a software developed to facilitate the general use and evaluation of novel unsupervised learning methods. These methods aim at post-processing the ranking information for different tasks, being especially useful for multimedia retrieval. The major advantage of UDLF is that it provides a … Read more