SIGMM Conferences and Journals Ranked High by CCF

By Balakrishnan Prabhakaran (UT Dallas) based on a contribution by Michael S. Lew (Leiden University).

SIGMM Conferences and Journals Ranked High by Chinese Computing Federation (CCF)

The Chinese Computing Federation (CCF) Ranking List provides a ranking of peer-reviewed conferences and journals in the broad area of computer science. This list is typically consulted by most academic institutions in China as a quality metric for PhD promotions and tenure track jobs.

The CCF ranking released in 2013 for “Multimedia and Graphics” is at the following link (one may use Google Translate to view the web page in English or other desired language):

This CCF 2013 ranking released for “Multimedia and Graphics” conferences and journals is first split into sections A, B, and C, and the conferences are ranked numerically within each section. We are very pleased and excited to share the news that the conferences and journals sponsored by SIGMM have been ranked high in CCF list!

For Multimedia and Graphics conferences:

ACM Multimedia was ranked the highest in the A section, and ACM Conference on Multimedia Retrieval (ICMR) was ranked the highest in the B section.

For Multimedia and Graphics Journals

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Application (TOMCCAP) was ranked top in the B section.

This recognition for SIGMM sponsored publishing avenues has been entirely due to the tireless and significant efforts from the organizers, steering committees, SIGMM officers, and most importantly, the multimedia research community.

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