Dear Member of the SIGMM Community, welcome to the last issue of the SIGMM Records in 2013.

The editors of the Records have taken to a classical reporting approach, and you can read here the first of series of interviews. In this issue, Cynthia Liem is interview by Mathias Lux, and explains about the Phenicx project.

We have received a report from the first international competition on game-based learning applications, and also our regular column reporting from the 106th MPEG meeting that was held in Geneva. Our open source column presents libraries and tools for threading and visualizing a large video collection in this issue, a set of tools that will be useful for many in the community. Beyond that, you also read about two PhD thesis.

Among the announcements are several open positions, and a long list of calls for paper. The long list of calls is achieved by a policy change in SIGMM. After several years that have seen our two public mailing lists, sigmm@pi4.informatik.tu-mannheim.de and mm-interest@acm.org, flooded by calls for papers, the board and online services editors have decided to change the posting policy. Both lists are now closed for public submissions of calls for paper and participation. Instead, calls must be submitted through the SIGMM Records web page, and will be distributed on the mailing list in a weekly digest. We hope that the members of the SIG appreciate this service, and that those of us who have filtered emails for years feel that this is a more appropriate policy.

With those news, we invite you to read on in this issue of the Records.

The Editors
Stephan Kopf, Viktor Wendel, Lei Zhang, Pradeep Atrey, Christian Timmerer, Pablo Cesar, Mathias Lux, Carsten Griwodz

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