Dear Member of the SIGMM Community,

Welcome to the latest issue of the ACM SIG Multimedia Records!

This issue, we want to present several new activities of the SIG Multimedia that require your contributions.

First go the SIGMM history archives. These archives are meant to prevent SIGMM’s conferences from being forgotten over time. The ACM Multimedia conference established the position of preservation chair a few years ago, and other conferences and workshops take care of their history as well, and have provided it to the SIG’s preservation team. For some events, both a long time ago and recent, the history chairs need your help. Please read their call to see if you can help.

For those of you who teach, the SIGMM educational portal provides a source of teaching material. The amount material that can be reached from this portal has grown since its establishment last year, and you are invited to take a look. You should also consider to contribute your own material. Take a look to find out how to get in touch with the Educational Committee.

We are also introducing MediaEval in this issue. This is a new benchmarking initiative for multimedia retrieval that invites your participation. It continues the VideoCLEF campaign of recent years, and is conveniently co-located with ACM Multimedia this year. There is still some time to contribute.

We can also provide you with the summary of the first ACM Multimedia Systems Conference, which was held in Scottsdale, AZ, earlier this year, and which will be a yearly event that invites contributions from all of you who build the systems that make multimedia possible.

Another summary discusses the Art-on-Wires workshop, and three brand new PhD theses in the field of multimedia are summarized for your as well. Some announcements conclude this issue of the Records, and we hope that you enjoy the read.

The Editors

Jun Wang
Stephan Kopf
Yi Cui
Regu Radhakrishnan
Viktor Wendel
Carsten Griwodz

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