ACM TOMCCAP Special on 20th Anniversary of ACM Multimedia

Guest Editors: Klara Nahrstedt, Rainer Lienhart, Malcolm Slaney
Editor-in-Chief: Ralf Steinmetz

ACM Transactions on Multimedia Computing, Communications and Applications

Special Issue: 20th Anniversary of ACM International Conference on Multimedia

A journey ‘Back to the Future’

The ACM Special Interest Group on Multimedia (SIGMM) celebrated the 20th anniversary of the establishment of its premier conference, the ACM International Conference on Multimedia (ACM Multimedia) in 2012. To commemorate this milestone, leading researchers organized and extensively contributed to the 20th anniversary celebration.

from left to right: Malcolm Slaney, Ramesh Jain, Dick Bulterman, Klara Nahrstedt, Larry Rowe and Ralf Steinmetz

The celebratory events started at ACM Multimedia 2012 in Nara Japan, with the ¬†“Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda: 20 Years of Multimedia Opportunities” panel, organized by Klara Nahrstedt (center) and Malcolm Slaney (far left). At this panel, pioneers of the field, Ramesh Jain, Dick Bulterman, Larry Rowe and Ralf Steinmetz, from left to right shown in the image, reflected on innovations, and successful and missed opportunities in the multimedia¬†research area.

This special issue of the ACM Transaction on Multimedia Computing, Communication and Applications (TOMCCAP) is the final event to celebrate achievements and opportunities in a variety of multimedia areas. Through peer-reviewed long articles and invited short contributions, readers will get a sense of the past, present and future of multimedia research. The evolution ranges over traditional topics such as video streaming, multimedia synchronization, multimedia authoring, content analysis, and multimedia retrieval to newer topics including music retrieval, geo-tagging context in worldwide community of photos, multi-modal humancomputer interactions and experiential media systems.

Recent years have seen an explosion of research and technologies in multimedia, beyond individual algorithms, protocols and small scale systems. The scale of multimedia innovations and deployment has exploded with unimaginable speed. Hence, as the multimedia area is growing fast, penetrating every facet of our society, this special issue fills an important need to look back at the multimedia research achievements over the past 20 years, celebrates the exciting potential, and explores new goals of the multimedia research community.

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