Slow Internet? – More bandwidth is not the answer

The RITE (Reducing Internet Transport Latency) EU-project has, since its start nearly two years ago, worked to reduce the delay experienced when using the Internet. The approach is to make small, smart, changes to the mechanisms that makes Internet communication work. These mechanisms were developed to maximise throughput, but delay was overlooked until recently.

One of the tasks of the RITE EU-project is to raise awareness about how to achieve faster response in the Internet and to clear up misconceptions.

A common misconception is the idea that higher bandwidth means lower delay. It may be right if you only consider the case where a large file is downloaded (the download takes less time to complete), but there’s very many cases where other measures are needed to reduce the delay. It’s not enough to just buy the highest capacity Internet connection. To clear this up, RITE has produced a video and educational material showing some of the biggest sources of Internet delay. The video also explains the difference between delay and bandwidth.

The RITE project has made educational material to go with the video. A Kahoot! quiz that allows the students to compete, experiments that can be run from any computer and a fact sheet containing tips for how you can reduce your Internet delay is among the available resources.

You can learn more about Internet delay and read about the project on the RITE website:


Take the Kahoot! quiz.
Educational material.

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