Report from SLAM 2014

Workshop chairs: Tan Tien Ping, Wong Li Pei, Guillaume Gravier

Report by Guillaume Gravier

Workshop URL:
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Dates: 11-12. September 2014

ISCA/IEEE Workshop on Speech, Language and Audio in Multimedia

Following SLAM 2013 in Marseille, France, SLAM 2014 was the second edition of the workshop, held in Malaysia as a satellite of Interspeech 2014. The workshop was organized over two days, one for science and one for socializing and community building. With about 15 papers and 30 attendees, the highly-risky second edition of the workshop showed the will to build a strong scientific community at the frontier of speech and audio processing, natural language processing and multimedia content processing.

The first day featured talks covering various topics related to speech, language and audio processing applied to multimedia data. Two keynotes from Shri Narayanan (University of Southern California) and Min-Yen Kan (National University of Singapore) nicely completed the program.
The second day took us on a tour of Penang followed by a visit of the campus of Universiti Sains Malaysia from which local organizers are. The tour offered plenty of opportunities to strengthen the links between participants and build a stronger community, as expected. Most participants later went ot Singapore to attend Interspeech, the main conference in the domain of speech communication, where further discussions went on.

We hope to collocate the next SLAM edition with a multimedia conference such as ACM Multimedia in 2015. Keep posted!

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