Call for Workshop Proposals @ ACM Multimedia 2015

We invite proposals for Workshops to be held at the ACM Multimedia 2015 Conference. Accepted workshops will take place in conjunction with the main conference, which is scheduled for October 26-30, 2015, in Brisbane, Australia.

We solicit proposals for two different kinds of workshops: regular workshops and data challenge.

Regular Workshops

The regular workshops should offer a forum for discussions of broad range of emerging and specialized topics of interest to the SIG Multimedia community. There are a number of important issues to be considered when generating a workshop proposal:

  1. The topic of the proposed workshop should offer a perspective distinct from and complementary to the research themes of the main conference. We therefore strongly advise to carefully review the themes of the main conference (which can be found here), when generating a proposal.
  2. The SIG Multimedia community expects the workshop program to be part of the program to nurture and to grow the workshop research theme towards becoming mainstream in the multimedia research field and one of the themes of the main conference in the future.
  3. Interdisciplinary theme workshops are strongly encouraged.
  4. Workshops should offer a discussion forum of a different type than that of the main conference. In particular, they should avoid becoming “mini-conferences” with accompanying keynote presentations and best paper awards. While formal presentation of ideas through regular oral sessions are allowed, we strongly encourage organizers to propose alternate ways to allow participants to discuss open issues, key methods and important research topics related to the workshop theme. Examples are panels, group brainstorming sessions, mini-tutorials around key ideas and proof of concept demonstration sessions.

Data Challenge Workshops

We are also seeking organizers to propose Challenge-Based Workshops. Both academic and corporate organizers are welcome.

Data Challenge workshops are solicited from both academic and corporate organizers. The organizers should provide a dataset that is exemplar of the complexities of current and future multimodal/multimedia problems, and one or more multimodal/ multimedia tasks whose performance can be objectively measured. Participants in the challenge will evaluate their methods against the challenge data in order to identify areas of strengths and weakness. Best performing participating methods will be presented in the form of papers and oral/poster presentations at the workshop.

More information

For details on submitting workshops proposals and the evaluation criteria, please check the following site:

Important dates:

  • Proposal Submission: February 10, 2015
  • Notification of Acceptance February 27, 2015

Looking forward to receiving many excellent submissions!

Alan Hanjalic, Lexing Xie and Svetha Venkatesh
Workshops Chairs, ACM Multimedia 2015

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