MMTC R-Letter Volume 6, Issue 2

Board Director: Christian Timmerer
Board Co-Directors: Weiyi Zhang and Yan Zhang


Published: April 2015

The objectives of the IEEE MMTC R-Letter are:

  • Stimulate research on multimedia communication.
  • Encourage researchers to submit papers (R-Letter CFP) to IEEE MMTC sponsored publications and conferences.
  • Nominate papers published in IEEE MMTC sponsored publications/conferences for best paper awards.


  • Message from the Review Board Directors
  • Reducing Cost of Re-identification for Smart Camera Networks
    • A short review for “Cost-Effective Features for Re-identification in Camera Networks” (Edited by Pradeep K. Atrey)
  • Video Smoothing of Rough and Shaky Helmet Camera Video Recordings
    • A short review for “First-person hyper-lapse videos” (Edited by Frank Hartung)
  • Quality Optimization for Adaptive Video Streaming in Managed Networks
    • A review for “In-Network Quality Optimization for Adaptive Video Streaming Services” (Edited by Roger Zimmermann)
  • Mobility-Aware Resource Allocation Scheme Under Channel Uncertainty
    • A short review for “Robust Resource Allocation for Predictive Video Streaming Under Channel Uncertainty” (Edited by Koichi Adachi)
  • An Indexed Color Representation for Screen Content Coding using HEVC
    • A short review for “Screen Content Coding Based on HEVC Framework” (Edited by Bruno Macchiavello)
  • Marriage between Conventional Image Representation and Deep Neural Networks
    • A short review for “DEFEATnet – A Deep Conventional Image Representation for Image Classification” (Edited by Jun Zhou)
  • Paper Nomination Policy
  • MMTC R-Letter Editorial Board
  • Multimedia Communications Technical Committee Officers
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