Consumer Digital Video Library (CDVL) Announcement

Contributor: Stephen Wolf, NTIA ITS


CDVL is a digital video library intended for researchers and developers in the fields of video processing and visual quality (both objective and subjective assessment). Progress in these areas have been limited by the availability of high quality royalty-free test material. CDVL provides relevant video clips for different types of video processing and quality measurement applications. This fills a critical industry need.

On Wednesday, November 4, the Consumer Digital Video Library (CDVL) web site ( went live. This primary goal of this web site is to provide high quality uncompressed video scenes and subjectively rated videos that may be used freely for research purposes. It is our hope that the new web site will assist industry and standards development efforts in the following areas: conducting subjective video quality tests, developing objective video quality models, improving video coding algorithms, and quantifying video processing algorithm improvements (e.g., video correction, enhancement, and conversion). Registered users may download videos, upload and share their test scenes with other CDVL users, and participate in forum discussions. We invite the VQEG community to consider sharing their research scenes through CDVL.

The new web site is the culmination of 3 years of joint effort by Intel Corporation, the University of California, and NTIA/ITS. NTIA/ITS will maintain the web site and has populated the CDVL with a variety of test scenes from our internal databases. NTIA/ITS plans on adding much more content to CDVL in the near future.

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